Library Director

Suzanne Olberding is excited to be the new director at the Glidden Library.  She knows she has big shoes to fill now that Erin is retired.  Suzi has a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She has a lot of expreinece working with kids and adults in programming as her second job deals with this also.

Suzi is excited to get her certification from the State Library of Iowa and to continue to take classes to keep up with all that is new and ongoing in the world of library science.  

Suzi and her husband, Dave moved to Glidden in the fall of 2021 and love how welcoming the community has been.  Suzi grew up in Carroll and Dave in Halbur so they know the area well.  They have 3 children: Abby, Erin and Ethan.  

Suzi is excited to learn more names and get to know how she can serve you.